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Join retreats at, The Provence base

Our Photo Provence Base has added new facilities to join in and relax, have fun, eat well, practice wellness, join activities in Provence and discover Haut Provence at it’s base near Forcalquier.

Retreats dawn rising
Retreats main website cover.

Join the fun and relax and find a pleasant wellness forming away from the stresses of life.

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Remember Provence Summer

Summer warmth comes early in Provence, it starts in April and really starts to be felt in May and June. Our base near Forcalquier lets us get to the coast and further in-land. Our location near the main Auto-routes gives us this great advantage, yet we are Lost in the Countryside almost as if you felt like you weren’t near anything.


Pic: Provence's Venice
May In Provence
From Forcalquier
Provence May June

Provence comes alive after it’s sleepy winter snooze in April.


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Provence Cherry Time

Here in Provence late May early June we have Cherry time when the trees bear fruit and we can eat them straight off the branches and savour their warm sweet full flavour. Big black ones, small blood coloured ones and mine which are small slightly sharp dark red ones. (Off course they are all BIO on my estate.)

Provence Forcalquier Cherries
Provence Forcalquier Cherries

These shots were taken at our base near Forcalquier Provence.


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May in Provence from our base near Forcalquier

Here is a small snippet of what you can see in May in Provence. The shots will be released in batches over the ensuing posts.

Forcalquier is a great area to base oneself, as we can reach a whole host of differant locations via our base’s hub.

Provence in May
Provence in May : Poppies

Provence in May is Poppy Time

Provence in May
Provence in May : countryside view


Pic: Provence's Venice
May In Provence

These shots were taken over three days in May across Provence.

Thirty usable shots were realised, covering everything from poppies, lakes, scenes, sea views, towns and moods.

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Provence Summers really coming !

Near Forcalquier, we’ve had the signs of a Provence Summer coming. All of a sudden it’s winter chills. This will remind you of what’s around the corner.

Lavender shoot Provence
Lavender shoot Provence

Whether you like Macro shooting or big open spaces, Provence has it all. You just need to know where to look.

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