Defending Nature so we can all Benefit.

If we do not do something there will be none of us around to photograph anything.

Nature Is Speaking – Julia Roberts is Mother Nature | Conservation International (CI)

Julia Roberts, Harrison Ford, Kevin Spacey, Edward Norton, Penélope Cruz, Robert Redford and Ian…

See also the truth that the Industrial food industry doesn’t want you to see which accounts for more than 50% of Global climate change:

Countryfide shoot Provence
Countryfide shoot Provence

Test Weekend

The test weekend will be coming soon … to check out your thoughts. Three people free (excludes initial transport to accommodation) but includes the tour transportation. for info see web site.

My object:

Is to tempt you or a friend of yours into thinking of taking that next great photo trip wandering through the lavender fields or historical views of Provence. Line up your lens on natures beauties and be able to cover all the seasons. I will post regular shots of views I’ve taken here just to give you an example …. now I’m sure you could add your own creative touch.

I will get you in front of the opportunities for your creative eye to capture without having to have wasted hours trying to find the spots. So that you can tread the paths that the Grand Masters of the Arts have done ….Cezanne, Vuillard, Matisse and even his mentors, Seurat, Picasso and Bonnard, plus a long long list of others. To know more have a good look at :